(b. 1975. Albacete) I live and work between Jaén, Albacete y Cuenca in the center of Iberian Peninsula. Her academic educactión start in 1994-1999, Valencia at High school of Industrial´s Design, CEU, San Pablo. During several years work to design in Barcelona, Milano and London. In the last years, 2014 I degree in Humanities by UCLM Albacete´s Campus.

Until now I´ve worked in four collections. Barred Structures inspired to universe, Control´s Energy several reflexions about the power of sciences. By Other hand, in the context of the geometry of toroide development the collection Cycling Beings more os seventy thumbnails. “Characters”, imagine portraits. The media used is ink on paper,sometimes photography on ecologic papers or others special papers.

The movement and geometry are the main influences. Ever introducing some rule to get a different result. The studies about others painters like Picasso, Mark Rothko, Matisse, Goya or Kandinsky between my favorites for the nonce. Help me understand compositions, lights or the strong of beauty and another beginning

Exposiciones Colectivas

Julio 2011 Feria del Gato, Barcelona

Septiembre 2011 Galeria Caulín, Recinto ferial de Albacete

Noviembre 2014 Hall Facultad de Humanidades UCLM, Albacete

Exposiciones Individuales

Julio-Septiembre 2013 AJE Asociación de Jóvenes Empresarios, Albacete

Abril 2014 La Leche Militina, Albacete